Aluminum extrusion scrap 6063

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Condition:   Excellent


1. Competitive price and high purity
2. Purity: 99%


Basic Information:
Silvery white, luster, tough and light texture, malleable.
The element name: Aluminum
The element type: Metal
Elements atomic weight: 26.98
The relative atomic mass: 26.98
Density: 2.702 g/cm3
Melting point: 660.37 ?C
Boiling point: 2467.0 ?C
Ignition point: 550 ?C

Specification of Aluminum scrap 6063 
Si: 0.2-0.6%&nsp;
Fe: 0.35%&nsp;
Cu: 0.1%&nsp;
Mn: 0.1%&nsp;
Mg: 0.45-0.9%&nsp;
Cr: 0.1%&nsp;
Zn: 0.1%&nsp;

1.mainly used for melting ingot 
2.discontinuous melting with scrap 
3.easy control and operation melting saving This Scrap Aluminium is produced in the production of industrial waste.Such as:Scrap Aluminium Wire,Scrap Aluminium block and so on
6. It mainly used for drawing back non-ferrous metal typical material is :wasted copper, aluminum, cable, aluminum stuff, wasted auto spare part, non-ferrous 

metal scrap, dross for printing, broken glass contains non-ferrous, electronic waste etc.

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